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There are many styles of corrugated boxes, die-cuts, trays, Regular, lapping, Gaylor, etc.
All this to suit your needs, Kraft or White color, handle corrugated flutes A, B, C and micro corrugated.
In different resistances according to their needs, ECT (from 29up to 44 ect) if it requires is resistance
to pallet, or in kilograms (from 7 to 25 kg) if your need is resistance in the walls of the box.

Just as supplements to their boxes as partitions, racks, corners and centers.

All our packaging coatings can lead to greater protection of their product, according to each individual
project offer: fabric, foam, tissue, bubble, etc.

  • Regular Slotted Box:
    They are usually made from a piece of cardboard. The carton is marked and folded to allow the assembly of the box.
  • Building Stamped:
    These are made by tooling due to the shape of the case does not fall within the parameters of a regular box.
  • Parts of interior packaging:

    They are cardboard sheets can be used to divide space or to completely cover the bottom or top of the box.

    Sheets are marked to make rectangles and sometimes joined with tape to form a multi-sided structure.

    Also called divisions, provide individual cells for each product inside the box.

Other options of packing are the following:

Folding, Folding cardboard:
Several layers of fiber stick to form a compact sheet of cardboard. This material is common in the packaging industry, such as cigarette packs and cereal.
Tin Sheet and Tin Labeled:
Tin Sheet:
A technique used to place sheets or rolls printing on corrugated sided (single face), getting graphics Offset print quality of a magazine. The Requirements are an alternative for high impact graphics and average volumes.
Tin Labeled:
A label printed in offset technique is added partially or totally on the corrugated and formed. The Tin Labeled is generally used for smaller quantities than the Tin Sheet .
This innovative product consists of corrugated board designed and manufactured to any size hexagonal. The hexagated is one of the largest corrugated applications while maintaining strength in a lightweight package.

Some typical applications for the hexagated are making pallets, filling dead space on trailers and rail cars, protect and support the products, and in many cases, may replace the wood.

For our clients, hexagated means big savings in the cost of being a unique product packaging. If you want more information about this innovative product, please contact us.
Corrugated Pallets:
When the system of distribution of their products requires the use of pallets, but it is not cost them the return of either the wood or plastic pallets are not acceptable for environmental reasons, corrugated pallets DANBOX � are an excellent alternative because are designed and structured to your specifications. A DANBOX � corrugated pallet may last longer than a wood, and is strong enough to carry heavy loads over distance and to be used for several laps.

This product can eliminate the high hidden costs associated with traditional platforms.


The returnable packaging has great advantages and it is used in many world class companies.

  • Savings Company
    Returnable packaging generates substantial savings for the company as it replaces disposable packaging such as cardboard or shorter life like wood. Returnable packaging can be reused for years.

    It is also possible to design a single package for similar products, which provides flexibility in its operations.

  • Improvements in Quality Engineering
    The package is designed specifically for your product, ensuring its integrity.

  • Improvements in Logistics and Industrial Engineering
    The use of trays to transport product in process helps efficient management within the plant, facilitating the use of kanban and inventory control.

  • Reduced operating time
    Operation is performed in less time packing because it provides the user, reducing stress and fatigue.

  • Improved customer service
    This packaging improves the presentation and image of your product. It also provides the customer (internal or external) unpack operation


Foam and Bubble bags for one better protection of its product.

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